Inspiration Japandi


What do you receive?

  • The modo board in PDF
  • A shopping list including links to make your purchase directly

This décor is suitable for a living room of approximately 11” x 13”

Budget: 10000,00

Upon receipt of payment, you will receive the information by email. Please be patient, as this may take a few hours. If it is more than 24 hours, please contact me by email:

Please contact me by email to place your order.

I also offer personalized services.

Budget: 10000,00

Inspiration: Japandi

Japandi is a combination of Scandinivian and modern Japanese styles. It will suit those who like clean lines, simplicity and uncluttered spaces, as well as raw materials, such as wood, marble, natural fibers and neutralité colors.

I want you to be complet satisfied so I remain available for any questions.

If one of the items on your shopping list is no longer available, don't worry. Contact me and I'll have other great options for you to choose from.

I also offer personalized services.


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