MoodBoard consultation

This online service is offered no matter  where you are. For the initial appointment you should allow 30 minutes  by phone, Skype, Face Time, WhatsApp, or other application. I would then take the information gathered in that conversation to pull together a set of decoration ideas,  colors, objetcs and furnishing with all the links to buy directly online. 

Price:  165.00 CAN / 125 $USD

Home consultation

Meet at your home We will spend 1.5 hours to discuss your lifestyle During the visit, we will discuss your lifestyle We will discuss your color choices We will reflect on the layout We will prepare your shopping list Price: 158$CAN / 120$USD Oral presentation where I advise you to take notes

Turnkey service

Meet at the location of you new acquisition, plan for 2 hours We will discuss your needs and layout, choice of colors, window dressing. We will take measurements, choose fabrics, and take pictures. Price to be determined according to our discussion. Price for the consultation: 158$CAN /120$USD
shopping personnalisé

Personalized shopping

You have just bought an apartment in the Dominican Republic, or you need to rennes your decor, but do not know where the decorating boutiques are, and you need advice and help to make this clear? Dominican Republic : Santiago 1 full day in Santiago, devanture at 7:00 AM, back 7:00 PM. Yes, 12 hours to talk decorating and discover Santiago’s boutiques, while taking advantage of my good advive! Price: 245 $ USD, includes véhicule and gas, plan to bring money for lunch and snacks. Dominican Republic : Santo Domingo 1 day/1night in Santo Domingo, return the next day. Departure At 5:00 AM (oh yeah), back the next day at 11h00 AM. WE will talk decoration and discover Santo Domingo’s boutiques, and you will take advantage of my good advice! Price:  325 $ USD includes vehicle and gas, plan to bring money for meals, 1 night in a hôtel room.