I am absolutely delighted with the work Martine has done for me and the results are fabulous and have far exceeded my expectations.  What I love about Martine is that she is sensitive about learning the homeowner’s style and creating designs which reflect them.  Even after working with me for a very short period of time, she knew exactly what I wanted before I did.  I never felt I was being forced into a decision; Martine would presented me with several options and then let me make the final decision.  Of particular importance is the way Martine respected my “price points”.  I would give her a price range to spend and she kept it very close to that desired budget.  I also appreciate the way Martine worked with items that I already owned and worked them into a new design. Finally, I cannot speak highly enough of the exceptional service that I have received from Martine; it is beyond compare.  She is reliable, punctual, and very professional.  What’s even more surprising is the sub-contractors she works with are reliable and responsible people who did excellent work.  Anyone that owns a home in the Dominican Republic knows these qualities are hard to find anywhere in the country. I highly recommend Martine.  Not only is she a truly talented designer who is versatile and can work with many different styles, she is a beautiful person.  I am delighted to have her not only as my interior designer but someone that has become a very dear friend. Happy Customer, Patty Cannon USA